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Mastering Billiards Phỏm: A Comprehensive Guide

The topic of how to play billiards phỏm is of great interest. This is a highly engaging game that not only provides entertainment for participants but also enhances their thinking skills. When participating in this type of game, it is essential to understand the rules and strategies for effective play. Generally, these methods are not difficult, and with practice, you can achieve success. Let's win tips bet explore this game genre and how to play it for easy wins.

Definition: What is Billiards Phỏm?

Billiards Phỏm is a combination of the billiards game and a 52-card deck. During the match, players are dealt 7 random cards. This game, also known as 8-ball billiards or tá lả billiards, uses cards from Ace to King corresponding to balls numbered 1 to 13. Your task is to pocket balls with numbers matching the cards dealt. Among the competitors, the first player to pocket the corresponding balls wins.

Key Points to Note When Playing Billiards Phỏm

If you pocket a ball that matches your dealt card, any player can then pocket balls 14 and 15.

If a player fails to pocket a ball that corresponds to their dealt card, they are considered “móm” (failing to complete a set), resulting in a higher loss penalty.

If balls that do not correspond to your dealt cards are pocketed, they are placed back on the table.

If you hit the cue ball and it does not contact your target ball, this is called a “sẹo” (scratch).

How to Play Billiards Phỏm

To play billiards phỏm effectively, you should be familiar with the following rules:

1. Rules for a Valid Shot

No more discarding deadwood, crossing the Phỏm, etc. Focus on shots that increase your chances of winning:

You must hit the cue ball so it contacts another ball, and at least one ball must touch a rail on the table.

Pocketing balls that correspond to the dealt cards will be considered valid.

2. Rules for Foul Shots

Besides increasing your chances of winning, avoid the following fouls:

The cue ball falls off the table.

Hitting a ball before it has come to a complete stop.

Not using the cue’s leather tip to strike the cue ball.

Touching any ball with your body.

Not having at least one foot on the floor while shooting.

The cue ball does not contact any target ball.

Striking a ball that does not correspond to your dealt cards.

Misplaying a jump shot.

Pushing the cue ball.

You will be penalized if you commit three fouls, so pay attention to avoid mistakes and disadvantages.

3. Results Rules in Billiards Phỏm

After pocketing balls according to the rules, the referee will declare the winner, who receives a specific amount of prize money.

In case of a loss, you will owe an amount corresponding to the remaining cards in the winner’s hand.

The loss amount is calculated as the number of remaining cards times the bet amount.

The winner’s prize is the total amount paid by the losers minus a tax (currently 5%).

If you fail completely, you must pay double the losing amount.

4. Choosing the First Player

To understand how to play billiards phỏm, know how the first player is selected. The referee assigns two initial points to the players and places two balls at the end points. After assigning, both players simultaneously shoot their balls toward the opposite rail. The player whose ball ends up closer to the starting rail will go first.

Situations During the Initial Shot

If the two balls collide, both players must shoot again.

If a player’s ball falls off the table, they lose, and the other player takes the first shot.

In other billiards phỏm matches, all participants might draw lots to determine the first shooter. The winner of the draw can choose to shoot first or pass the turn.

5. Choosing the First Shot Position

After determining the first player, the initial shot positions are as follows:

The red ball is placed at the starting point, 142 cm from the top rail.

The opponent’s ball is placed at the end of the table, 71 cm from the bottom rail.

The shooter’s ball is aligned with the opponent’s ball, 18 cm apart.

Effective Tips for Playing Billiards Phỏm

Whether you are playing phỏm or billiards phỏm, using tips can increase your chances of winning.

1. Effective Play – Luring Cards

Luring cards is a well-known strategy in phỏm, where the main goal is to entice opponents to play the cards you need. For instance, if you hold a Jack of Hearts but need a Jack of Diamonds to form a set with the 9 and 10 of Diamonds, you might play the Jack of Hearts to trick an unwary opponent into playing the Jack of Diamonds at bookmaker review.

2. Billiards Card Tricks

According to experienced players, it’s advantageous to sit behind beginners or weaker opponents. These players are often less confident and more likely to discard critical cards. Compared to skilled players, positioning yourself behind less experienced ones increases your winning chances.

Using card tricks to create desired hands can also simplify the billiards play.

3. How to Win Easily – Logical Calculations

When playing billiards phỏm, logical calculations enhance your chances of winning. Prioritize discarding low-value, non-Phỏm cards first. Many players mistakenly discard high-value cards first, inadvertently providing opponents opportunities to form Phỏm. Minimizing these opportunities by discarding low-value cards first is more strategic.

Additionally, memorizing discarded cards and predicting your opponent’s cards are crucial. Observing your opponent’s facial expressions and played cards helps in making accurate predictions.


Currently, you can comfortably play billiards phỏm through various methods, especially the highly popular list of betting site in nigeria. Understanding the rules and effectively applying strategic tips will increase your chances of winning in reputable real-money phỏm games.

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