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Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Cohiba Maduro 5 Edition

Another smokey item from Zenith and Cohiba.

While this unique collection is designed to commemorate Zenith’s collaboration with high-end stogie maker Cohiba, you do not have to be a smoker to appreciate this particular sexy dark brown timepiece.

The Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Cohiba Sensato is derived from the Pilot Kind 20 series launched within 2017. Its retro design is reminiscent of World Battle II pilot watches and it is available in two versions: the rose gold model with normal time display, limited to fifty pieces; Bronze chronograph. Each come in a 45mm situation.

The choice of metallic is just right. Although the Preliminary Type 20 has a durable design DNA, the refined rose gold case is ideal for any dial that only displays time, bringing a touch of elegance as well as sophistication to the watch. The actual bronze case, on the other hand, completely complements the chronograph’s natural sportiness, and its patina will alter over time.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Annual Calendar

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Elsewhere, the style features that made the actual Pilot Type 20 well-known continue to define the restricted edition, such as bevelled sides, integrated beveled lugs and also the signature fluted onion-shaped overhead. Again, the dial style remains the same, with only the addition of the Cohiba logo design below the Zenith at twelve o’clock. The watch’s minimal edition number, the words “Cohiba Maduro 5” and a picture of the cigar maker’s manufacturer are engraved on the ti case back as a last imprint of the collection.


45mm rose gold (automatic) and also bronze (chronograph) switch

Black along with SuperLuminova move

Self-winding movement Top notch 679 and self-winding motion El Primero 4069 (for chronograph)


leather-based Function

Automatic: hours, minutes, secs Chronograph: hours, moments, continuous seconds, central wathe seconds, chronograph minutes power reserve

55 hours


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