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Matching Rings For Couples - It's everything you need to know to choose it

Welcome to our complete guide to the Promise Ring! You've come to the right place should you be planning to mark this momentous occasion in your lives as a couple. In this article, we will provide you with the most important details to select the ideal Promise ring that will symbolize your commitment and love.

The Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) in the form of a few sentences

The Civil Solidarity Pact (also known as PACS) allows two people in France to establish their relationship prior to the law. PACS was first implemented in 1999, provides legal guidelines that allow couples to get married without the constraints of marriage. This type of union, which is recognized by the state, signifies the deep commitment between two people. For some, it evokes the desire to mark this significant step in a couple's lives by exchanging a piece of jewelry, thus sealing their love and mutual commitment.

This article will answer all your questions, and guide you in picking the ideal jewelry for this special event as a symbol of the love between a couple.

Do you require a Ring to establish a civil partnership

PACS is not a legal way to contain an exchange of jewelry. This is unlike marriage or engagement. Over the years, however it has become a custom that lets couples decide whether they want to mark this important event in their lives by wearing an item of jewelry. The ring is usually selected to symbolize the commitment, also remembering other important events in a couple's relationship like weddings or engagements. In the end, there aren't strict rules to follow which allows couples to celebrate their union in the way that they prefer.

What's the meaning of a civil partnership ring?

For many couples, the exchange of rings during the time of a civil partnership holds an important significance. It is a symbol that marks a significant stage in their lives. As jewelry worn on a daily basis rings are evidence of this commitment. They remind the partners of their love and their promise. A Promise ring is not just an ornament. It's a long-lasting memory of the love and dedication between lovers. Selecting a Promise ring with care is a great method to celebrate this union and make it unforgettable.

Promise ring: Which finger should it be worn?

When it comes to wearing a Promise ring, there are no strict and unchanging rules. Everyone is free to select the finger that suits them. The majority of couples choose to use the ring finger on the left hand. This is the finger that has traditionally been used for wedding rings. This symbolizes commitment, and it creates a subtle connection between these two significant moments in a couple's relationship. There isn't an appropriate or incorrect method to wear a Promise ring. No matter where it's put, the most important thing is to remind you of your love and commitment to your partner.

What ring is appropriate for an union that is civil?

You have several options in choosing the ideal wedding ring for your civil partnership. Each rings has its own meaning and can reflect both your personal style and the commitment you share with each other. Follow our tips and guides to help you pick the ideal Promise rings for your shared engagement.

A solitaire rings: engagement ring inspiration to announce an upcoming wedding

Solitaire rings are a popular choice when it comes to the Promise Ring. It is a stunning and elegant choice that celebrates your commitment. In the past, the solitaire ring is typically associated with a wedding ring and the possibility of a future wedding. However, nowadays, many couples choose the solitaire ring as their PACS, which makes this step a preamble to their future marriage.

Solitaire rings are timeless classics. They typically consist of one stone central often a diamond mounted on a yellow, white or rose gold ring. The simple design of these rings give their timeless elegance that can be worn with any style. You can opt for traditional solitaires or opt for an alternative that is more contemporary with a unique setting.

White gold, yellow gold, or even pink gold, solitaire accompanied by a diamond or not, this style of ring is available in a variety of sizes and offers the user to choose from a variety of options that suit everyone's tastes and budget.

If you are looking for a timeless and meaningful option to secure your PACS the wedding ring is a wonderful option. They are usually associated with marriages, however they are becoming increasingly popular with couples who decide to go with to sign a PACS and do not think of a higher step. Wedding rings symbolize union, loyalty and love for the rest of your life making it a wonderful choice for this significant moment in your relationship.

Wedding rings are popular with PACS because of their durability and practicality. Designed for everyday wear They are usually composed of precious metals like yellow gold, white gold and platinum. They can also be made of rose gold which makes them suitable for everyday life. Wedding rings can be simple and elegant, or embellished with elaborate details based on your preferences and budget.

Discover our collection of wedding rings for women as well as our selection of wedding rings for men directly in our Aelys stores to find which ring to choose for your civil partnership.

Promise ring: birthstones for an individual present

If you're looking for a ring to commemorate an engagement that is meaningful and personal rings that feature birthstones are a great solution. Each month of birth is associated with a particular gemstone, allowing you to personalize your choice by incorporating your partner's day of birth or your own. Each gemstone has its own advantages and significance, as well as beliefs that add a new dimension to the Promise ring.

Visit our blog to find out more about birthstones, as well as our guides!


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